June 2022 in review

02 Jul 2022

1 min read

A personal review of what happened in June 2022.

Unfortunately, my four year old phone I wrote about in the previous post started giving me trouble again and couldn't hold up any longer. Instead of getting it repaired, I retired it and bought a new inexpensive phone. That turned out to be problematic. I finally went with the OnePlus 9 which was on a sale. It's got good hardware but Oxygen OS isn't the same anymore, so I slapped LineageOS 19 on it and it's perfect now.

I left home after a long time since the pandemic began, for a two week stay in Bangalore.

It was my first time in Bangalore. I got to meet folks from work and spent the first week working in-person at the office. Despite Bangalore's infamous traffic woes, my daily commute hadn't been a problem as I stayed at a place close to the office. But the hightlight of the trip was spending time with a dear one of mine.

I also started enjoying working with Django. I have mostly been a frontend engineer so far and writing Python code is more pleasant than I thought.

It was in this June I had gone out the most this year, both with friends back in my hometown and in Bangalore. I am glad for that.