Building micro startups

02 Aug 2021

2 min read

Before we start, let me make it clear that this post does not tell you how to build startups, micro or otherwise. It is a collection of thoughts I have been having lately.

I have always dreamed about running a successful internet business on my own. But that dream never became a reality. As a developer, I built software for my employers who made money out of it. I never did it for myself. Why, you may ask. Well, I can give you three main reasons.

1. Afraid of negative feedback

What if people think the product I build is trash and useless? Or worse - what if they have no opinion at all and never even hear about it or use it?

2. Procrastination

I decide to build something. Then when the time comes for me to build it, I postpone it or the time never comes at all. I keep doing this and the idea goes straight from my mind to a "product ideas" graveyard.

3. Do I have what it takes?

Second guessing myself or getting stuck on a problem I don't know how to fix as a developer. For me, writing code is comfortable, designing interfaces is manageable, but selling stuff is a nightmare.

All these combined with the lack of prior experience in successfully launching and selling, poor internet presence in general which means I have to build audience from scratch, are keeping me from realizing my dream.

I say no more to these excuses and obsession over perfection. I will start building micro startups. You don't agree with the term "startup"? Here's what Eric Ries says in Startup Lessons Learned:

A startup is a human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.

A micro startup can mean an MVP here or a product that is useful enough for people to start paying for it. I am setting a goal to reach $500 MRR by Aug 2, 2022. That's it. I will keeping building products until I reach that goal. They do not have to be perfect during launch. Launching a product should be about understanding what people are willing to pay for and how important it is to get more users. I suck at marketing and selling but I shall get better.

I plan to document my efforts, exciting learnings, and wins here.